Free tele-psychotherapy during covid-19

Individual Psychotherapy

21 Mar. 2020

There is no doubt that the fear and anxiety associated with this pandemic is impacting all of us. This worry is coupled with the social isolation that is paramount to the precautionary steps to reduce the spread of the virus. While this isolation is highly important, it does leave us all feeling more vulnerable with respect to our mental health.

Starting this week, both of my Masters of Counselling Psychology students (Jocelyn & Kristen) will be available for booking free individual tele-psychotherapy sessions that can be conducted either by phone or through video conference. While this clinic has been focused exclusively for persons living with the effects of brain injury (stroke, traumatic brain injury, etc.), this service will be made available to anyone who is in need. Single sessions and repeated sessions (i.e., weekly, biweekly, etc.) can be arranged for your therapy.

Secondly, myself and my colleague (Alexandra), who is also a registered psychotherapist, will be offering low cost psychotherapy to anyone in need during this time of crisis. Please feel free to reach out to us regarding a sliding scale option. We also have a particular interest in providing support to health care workers. 

Lastly, should it be needed, we can facilitate consultation with our physician that is part of the team, Dr. Kaleigh Alkenbrack, for additional support and medication consultation should this be required.

How to schedule an appointment:

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3) Call our office to get more details and schedule a session - (905) 346-2532

For Health care providers:

While a direct referral is not required, we do appreciate any information you can forward to our clinicians to facilitate the treatment process. Please fax this to: 1 (647) 317-3930

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