What to expect

First Appointment:

In our meeting together, we will discuss and review your medical information. Our goal is to develop a strong understanding of the challenges you are having as well as your goals. You are welcome to bring your family members to this appointment. Typically these appointments are at least an hour and half in duration. 

Things to bring:

1) Your Health Card

2) Any other assessments from Physicians, Occupational Therapists, and Psychologists

3) If you have had any neuroimaging completed, please obtain the CD from where the imaging was done.

Ongoing appointments:

If you choose to continue to work with us, we usually set some regular appointments at first. Appointments are typically one hour in duration. Frequency of appointments will be made based on an individual's needs.


We may not have all the expertise required to meet your needs or accomplish all your goals, and therefore we may need to refer you to colleagues or specialized programs within the region. We will help to set up the appropriate referrals and liaise with them to ensure your care is managed appropriately.