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Our Mission:

Access to specialized psychotherapy services following stroke, brain injury, and the onset of dementia are often very difficult to obtain, particularly if you do not have access through third party insurance benefits (e.g., motor vehicle insurance). Our goal is to aid individuals who are living with neural changes and who do not have access to these insurance benefits to (re)construct a life of meaning and significance.

Holistic Team:

 Our team of clinicians works together to see each person from a holistic perspective, incorporating both medical and psychological/ neuropsychological principles to build a care plan and move a person forward closer to where they want to be.

Treatment Approach:

Our team will provide thorough assessment to help an individual more fully understand themselves, and their particular challenges, as well as aid their family in more fully appreciating these strengths and limitations. We will work with the individual and their family to determine the right course of treatment -- whether it be from a pharmacological (i.e., medication) or psychotherapeutic perspective. Often both are required to achieve an individual's goals. 

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